Proven Results

Since 1999, HyperQuest has delivered value to customers through the rapid development of innovative services that support numerous functions within the claims process. Our success delivering results to our clients is in large part a result of an organizational culture that fosters forward-looking thinking and innovation from every level within the Company. We are relentless in our efforts to innovate and deliver results, and this approach has guided our solutions roadmap and has delivered:

  • The first on-demand parts management system that supports all alternative part types
  • The first automated tool for reviewing estimates for compliance to insurer guidelines
  • The first automated re-inspection tool that captures every iteration of the estimate development process
  • The first historical parts database for subrogation claims and closed file reviews
  • The first automated process for settling subrogation claims
  • The first business intelligence tool that enables “What-If Audit” analysis on past periods of claims operations.

HyperQuest’s team will continue to search out new ways to automate and improve P&C Carrier processes that lead to better control of claim costs and increased process efficiencies. As costs and efficiencies are improved, Carriers, Appraisers, Repair Shops, and Parts Suppliers benefit.

Some Proven Results include:

HQ Subrogation:

  • A top-10 carrier captured 6.5% in leakage on subrogation demands, or $265 per claim
  • Another national carrier improved arbitration results by 30%

HQ Audit:

  • A national appraisal group used HQ Audit technology to reduce supplements two-fold
  • A regional carrier improved compliance to estimate guidelines by 26% and improved leakage control by 9% on Customer Choice estimates using HQ Audit technology

HQ Parts:

  • Our clients average above 35% in total alternative parts utilization, including supplements
  • Our regional carrier clients improve recycled part usage 7% on average with HQ Parts technology
  • One national top-tier carrier with greater than 40% APU further improved alternative part usage by more than 3% using HQ Parts technology

HQ Inspect:

  • HyperQuest customers improve adjuster capacity by more than 40% using HQ Inspect technolog

HQ Communication:

  • In 2008, HyperQuest implemented services across the country at a national carrier in less than two months – with no IT integration