HQ Audit

HyperQuest delivers a real-time, platform agnostic auditing application that simulates a human review. Through proprietary technologies that gather information from multiple data points on an estimate or other custom form, HQ Audit intelligently determines the compliance of any line item entry on a repair estimate and suggests best practice options for the user.

HQ Audit can reduce your adjusting workload by more than 30% and facilitate the real-time review, approval, and payment acknowledgement for appraisers. HQ Audit works seamlessly with HQ Business Intelligence tools to simulate ‘what-if’ analysis on your business.

HQ Audit is the premier choice for real-time auditing of auto physical damage claims, subrogation claims, and other custom auditing needs.

Core Benefits

  • Custom rules
  • Online rule development
  • Reduction of false positives
  • Greater than 50% reduction in manual file review
  • Greater rule accuracy
  • Real-time
  • Automated
  • Platform agnostic