HyperQuest continues to provide industry leading technical capabilities in the areas of claims process automation, estimate auditing, alternative parts sourcing, and data handling:


The patent-pending auditing solutions of HyperQuest emphasize control at every level of the claims.


HyperQuest Subrogation services automate this uncontrolled, paper-heavy, and cost-intensive claims process.


HyperQuest parts services deliver accurate parts inventory, confirm parts availability, can enable automatic approval of part selections, and document historical availability. 


HyperQuest improves the bi-directional flow of data and information that drives your productivity – and your business.


HyperQuest Conversion technologies take imaged documents and convert them to a digital, actionable form. 


HyperQuest workflow is powerful, flexible, and independent – delivering tailored solutions that meet your business priorities.


A new way for insurers, repair networks and supply vendors to grow through an integrated estimate approval and parts procurement process.

Business Intelligence

HyperQuest Business Intelligence solutions help you shape information into action.