HQ Subrogation

HyperQuest brings automation to this traditionally manual process, improving leakage control and reducing arbitration. Our subrogation solutions support clients in respond-side subrogation, demand-side subrogation, and automated settlement. In addition to eliminating paper or image-based processing, our subrogation solutions have enabled clients to achieve significant reductions in arbitration filings, overstated demand payments, and the length of time between a demand and settlement.

Demand-Side Subrogation
There is a financial impact on your organization for each day your demand claim payments remain outstanding. HyperQuest Demand-Side Subrogation solutions are used to facilitate settlement in hours rather than weeks or months by accelerating the pre-analysis of demands, the delivery of necessary documents, and the negotiation, settlement, and ultimate payment.

Response-Side Subrogation
HyperQuest Response-Side Subrogation solutions automate the administrative and preparatory requirements of your claims and enable your organization to focus on achieving the best, most accurate payment on each file. HyperQuest Response-Side solutions have patent pending technology that has demonstrated value by improving leakage containment at every client and reducing arbitration incidents by 30% and file-prep time by more than 75%.

Hyperquest's Subrogation Process is covered by US Patent 7,945,478 B2.

Core Benefits

  • Improved estimate accuracy
  • Reduced arbitration
  • Increase settlement speed
  • Automation of administrative steps