Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the process of shaping information into action. Distinct from business reporting, business intelligence takes a broad view of all of your data to determine how such information can be used to effectively support your pursuits. By correctly parsing data, you are able to draw intelligence from it and apply that knowledge to management decisions involving your business processes and activities.

Establishing the correct data foundation for each client is of primary importance to HyperQuest, as such a base enables each client to leverage business intelligence across its enterprise.  HyperQuest designs business intelligence solutions to fit your business needs.  Whether that need includes combining information across businesses or business units, or drawing from historical claims data to affect your present and future operations, HyperQuest can help you turn information into action.

Core Benefits

  • Real-time access
  • Sophisticated decision support
  • What if analysis
  • Real-time claim data
  • Past claim datA