Company Overview

HyperQuest launched in 1998 after its founder, Jeff Hogan, was involved in a car accident. In an attempt to work through the insurance claims process to repair his car, he recognized that easy access to parts could have kept his vehicle from being totaled. Determined to find a way to enable such access, he quit his job, launched HyperQuest, and within 12 months introduced its first claims technology solution to the marketplace – an alternative parts locating system for repairers and insurers.

As HyperQuest grew, focused research and input from industry players uncovered other unmet needs in the Property and Casualty claims market. From an initial set of alternative parts solutions, HyperQuest services expanded to bring automation technology to a broad set of appraisal, repair, and claims handling processes.

For nearly a decade HyperQuest has made an impact in the Property & Casualty industry by enhancing the access to, and the value of, information. Propelled by an inventive team committed to solving complex problems, HyperQuest continues to extend into new markets to provide clients with transactional transparency, seamless communication, and easy access to information that leads to quantifiable and reproducible gains.