The core value of any workflow solution is the integration of data with process automation.  For years, companies that wished to gain the benefit of a vigorous workflow solution were required to subscribe to, or invest in, elements of functions or modules they did not need or want.

HyperQuest workflow is powerful, flexible, and independent.  We enable our customers to customize workflow needs without the requirement of integrating to in-house systems. You select the capabilities specific to your process needs, then plug in the estimating companies, trading partners, and other value added constituents to your process.

Within the workflow process, our solutions provide you with connectivity across your internal and external user network and handle the reclassification of work files or appraisal sources from one condition to another. With the ability to manage your network through a central system your automated workflow is tailored to your business priorities.

Core Benefits

  • Eliminate steps for partners
  • Improve dispatch intelligence
  • Platform agnostic
  • Easy to use
  • Assignment independence